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UK 2009

It wonderful to return home after 3 years. Not a lot had changed and Mum and Dad were keeping well, despite a few mishaps during our stay - ouch! Soon put to work - needed something to reduce the effects of all that great food. Had a nice day at Wells, with the usual tasty fish & chip lunch.

Georgina went up to Scotland to visit family and then over to Peterborough for more family reunions. Did seem to be a lot of eating and drinking going on.


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Then off to Kent to catch up with friends. Many thanks to Sally for putting us up - great view across to Ramsgate and the coast. Met up with Polly, Michelle and Kevin for a drink in the Ship at Ospringe. Then dash over to Canterbury to see the end of the bat and trap - Georgina you were a star (well the bit I saw anyway). Plenty of young faces, smiles, food and drink.

Short visit to Folkestone to see everyone there (no photos!) but great evening -weaving the Wi magic. A great meal in Surrenden (but no ghosts) with Deney and Tonee before a day in Ramsgate with Colin, Annie & family.

All too soon our stay in the UK was nearly over before a final few days back home, play with the toys (thanks Dave & Sally) and prepare for the next leg to Cayman. Lots of wonderful memories and thanks to Steve and Chris for the car, whisky & clubs. Finally Mum and Dad for making us welcome, flying the NZ flag and looking after us.

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