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A round up of some of the things we have been doing lately

Last Update - October 21st 2001

Atlantis Resort Atlantis Resort

Marcoola Beach - Sunshine Coast


Nothing like a good holiday to refresh the mind and body (and reduce the bank balance!). We flew into Brisbane early Friday morning and stayed with John, Pat, Mark & Luke at Albany Creek, on the outskirts of Brisbane. It is always good to catch up with friends, have few beers and swap news. Their hospitality was much appreciated :-)
On the Sunday we drove up to Marcoola. The Sunshine Coast is 90 minutes north of Brisbane and an easy drive. It's much quieter than the Gold Coast which suited us just fine. We never seem to take many photos (too busy doing things!) when we go away so for some professional views of the area have a look at Maroochy Photos

Noosa Springs roos snake Mount Coolum

Our holidays follow a predictable pattern of golfing, shopping and sightseeing. It noticeable that we are doing more of the first two nowadays - getting old/lazy??? The golf courses were all excellent. Twin Waters Golf Course is a resort course which reminded us of Cayman. Mount Coolum Golf Course is a beautiful course nestled below a mountain. Some narrow fairways made it tough going at times. Noosa Springs Golf Course was the best course we played (we also had our best games here). We walked all the courses and came away feeling tired but happy and ready for a good meal and drink or two. Of course the malls got a good pasting and we've both stocked up our wardrobes for another year (sorry few months - Georgina).

Georgina also met up with a friend she trained with in NZ in the early #%$'s Rosemary & Ken live in Daisy Hill, south of Brisbane but came up to the Sunshine Coast and we met up in Mooloolaba Surf Club for lunch and a chat. Well Georgina & Rosemary had the chat, Ken & Rodger played the pokies and gee gees ( Ken certainly has the Midas touch - Rodger could have cut out the middle man and given his money straight to Ken!!)

Crocodile Hunter

We did do a bit of sightseeing (some of unintentional when we got lost driving around). After seeing him on TV who could resist going to see Steve Irwin *Crocodile Hunter* at the Australia Zoo*. For sure, after finding out about the snakes, crocodiles and spiders in Australia neither of us went looking for lost golf balls ...

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