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A round up of some of the things we have been doing lately

Last Update - 5th June 2001

Marching Boys
He shoots He scores

Masters Hockey Tournament - Napier

Well, the boy survived his 5 days of mid-life madness. Got home with no injuries, apart from exhausted limbs. The team did fairly well, finishing 3rd (only a 1-0 defeat, by the eventual winners, in the final game kept them from 1st place!) It is back to the regular hockey season now and former team-mates are now the opposition. Saturdays are taken up with golf and hockey and Sunday is truly a day of rest!

Daily Telegraph Building Medical Centre

Art Deco Napier

It wasn't all hockey. Napier is called the "Art Deco City". Levelled by earthquake and fire in 1931 it was rebuilt in Art Deco style. The Hawke's Bay region is also famous as New Zealand's oldest wine growing region - so plenty to refresh the body and mind!


It is supposed to be Autumn here but the weather continue to be brilliant. Travelled to Warkworth (45 minutes north of Auckland) to play golf today and it was glorious. we had an early tee off and it just kept getting warmer as the sun got up - a beautiful day and good golf - fantastic! The only signs of the seasonal changes are the cooler evenings and autumn leaves.

Rodger started back to school, after the Easter break. He managed to get the house painted and do a bit of work in the garden. In between trips to the doctors to sort out paint in his eye and an infected hand from a thorn. The boy's a walking disaster area - Georgina was having fits seeing him at the top of a ladder, holding on with one hand and reaching for far corners. Still, we're all ready for the Winter now.

Georgina continues to enjoy her work, though it can be a bugger with all the travel. She recently started working with other agencies such as the police and ferry operators, training them in restraint procedures. A lot of time went into making up policies and documentation of manuals, procedures but now it more hands on. The next step is to produce a brochure to promote the programme.

In September/October we plan to go to Brisbane's Sunshine Coast - use up some of our air miles and escape the Winter blues. Georgina's dad & partner have just gone for 3 weeks holiday over there at the moment so the're going to look out some information about accomodation and golf packages for us. Then we'll need to start saving for another trip to the U.K. in a few years time. Hopefully by then the fires will all be out and the country will be open for business.

A few weeks ago we had an invitation to go aboard the Rainbow Warrior. One of Georgina's workmates has a friend who is the nurse on board and when the Rainbow Warrior called into Auckland to restock she extended an invite to come and visit. Most of the crew were on shore leave, which was just as well as there wasn't room to swing a cat under the decks. The medical centre was the biggest cabin on board and that wasn't saying much as I've seen bigger garden sheds! Luckily everyone gets on well together. As well as the high profile activist activities, whaling, nuclear free zones, there is a great deal of research work carried out around the world. We had a good nosy around the ship but were glad to get topside and into the sun.

Rainbow Warrior

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