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Matchbox Collection

As a youngster I remember my brother and I playing with our Matchbox toys. It wasn't till years later that my Mother told me of the rushing around the shops that her and Dad went through to buy them for us. As I grew older and moved onto other interest I had no idea what happened to the toys of my childhood. Then in 2003, on a visit back to the UK my Mother asked what was I going to do with that box of toys in the cupboard? When my brother and I had outgrown our interest in toys my Mother had collected them up, lovingly cleaned them up and stored them away for the future.

At the time I was looking for an interest outside of work and thought to myself, 1 - 75 Series, well that won't be too hard to collect them all. Little did I know how this would develop into the collection I now have. On my journey I have made contact with hundreds of fellow collectors around the world, I have also learned a lot about these small models that continue to give so much pleasure.

Investigating the many variation entailed having numerous guides scattered across my desktop until finally I put together my own personal guide to gather information in one place. Over the years this developed, with the addition of photos until I had something that I was able to self publish as a Matchbox Guide to the thousands of Matchbox model variations.

I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I have over the last few years.

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Latest Find

65 A5C Jaguar 3.4 Litre Saloon B5.jpg

65 A5 Jaguar 3.4 Litre Saloon (B5)

Home made Matchbox Display stand - click photo for more details:

I have produced a hard copy catalogue of variations listing over 1,800 variations with 1,200+ photos
For information on the catalogue, feedback and purchase details click photo:
July 2020 Cover.jpg
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